A Young Woman’s Guide To Breast Surgery

Breasts and sexuality

It’s a bit of a taboo subject but something I think is still relevant. Having any kind of breast surgery can make you feel different about your body and in turn about how attractive you feel sexually. Some women who have had breast cancer often feel they can no longer “trust” their breasts whereas some women who have had benign breast disorders think that their scars will be off-putting to men (or other women, depending on your sexuality).

Having your breasts or nipples touched sexually will NOT encourage the cancer to return nor will it cause any further lumps and bumps. You may not feel like having any form of sexual contact for a while after surgery, particularly if you are in pain, but rest assured there are plenty of women who have had breast operations who have found partners who love them for who they are and not just for a pair of walking boobs!

If you have had a reconstruction, you may feel scared about injuring your new breasts. Modern implants are very resilient and it will take a lot to rupture them but even so you may wish to ask your partner to be a bit more gentle than usual until your confidence levels are back up.



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