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Underwear, swimwear and prostheses for wear after breast cancer surgery

Breast surgery, whether mastectomy or lumpectomy/WLE, changes your shape forever and a major worry for us is whether we will ever again find comfortable and pretty underwear and swimwear and be able to wear the clothes we wore before.

Our forums have a number of threads on these topics. Bras, prostheses and swimwear need to be right for us to have the confidence to face the world.

One of our members has recently posted :

"Breastfeeding bras are the way to go ladies ...

They are almost all non-wired, they come in generous sizes and are often mostly cotton & pretty too.

The ones I bought are branded by Miriam Stoppard in Debenhams. These do seem to be best as they have almost a full pocket within the cup, where as others might just have a drop cup. As someone who was breastfeeding until diagnosis for the past almost three years, I know my breastfeeding bras, and from my experience the Miriam Stoppard are the only ones with this type of arrangement.

so that gives another option.

Another member says :

I have found an excellent online nursing bra supplier. The service was first class and the bras are the most comfortable I have been able to find.

To help our members quickly find the most highly recommended suppliers of underwear, swimwear and prostheses we are putting the links on this page. These companies sell over the internet but also have an outlet where you can be fitted with the most suitable styles for you. Some have a page on prostheses which will be of help to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer and in need of them for the first time.

NicolaJane after breast cancer clothingNicola Jane has been selling Mastectomy bras, Prosthesis and swimwear for 24 years. They are a mailorder business and have 3 shops in Chichester, London and Leeds – their aim is to help restore confidence and femininity after Breast cancer. To view the collection and read more about them please look at the website Nicola Jane or if you would like a copy of the FREE mail-order catalogue please email them. Nicola Jane now own Oops & Downs Lingerie in Horsforth, near Leeds. The personal service offered by these shops has been recommended on our forums.

Eloise is situated in Bury St. Edmunds and also encourages appointments for fittings. One of our members actually took a short holiday so that she could use the fitting service. The branch in Wimbledon, South London also now has a fitting service.

Lingerie Illusions in the West Midlands is run by 2 of our members who got fed up of not being able to find any bras to fit.

Kathryn Rolfe has vast experience of fitting bras, gained while running Rigby & Pellers Knightsbridge store, and is sure to find something attractive that fits perfectly. This is good for those of you who are in or near York, or visiting.

Affair Lingerie in Pontefract come highly recommended:
I'd love you to put a link on to the bra shop I found as they were such lovely, helpful people. I must admit that I was a bit uptight about it all before I went, just wanted to get it over with, it being my first experience of shopping for a mastectomy bra, but can't wait to go again now as I came out feeling quite special. She would only sell me one so that I can use it when I go for my prosthesis, but as long as I don't wear it I can take it back then if it isn't suitable. They also will sew pockets into bras for you, but I don't know what they charge for that.

Bella di Notte in Helmsley have some lovely vest tops that are ideal for summer, cover up while looking good and are designed not to bag when leaning forward.

Woman Zone in Warrington do not do the prostheses but you can have a custom tailored swimsuit in 28 days.

Bouncing Back in Gateshead offer a very personal service "I always go and have a coffee and chat first before trying anything on." to quote one of our members.

Internet Only

Have just discovered Annette Designs and this bra which is what I have been searching for ever since my op. in 2002 !!

They do a good range of non-fastening bras which is what I wear as my damaged rib catches on normal bras.

They do pocketed and unpocketed - good range.

They are all aimed at being good while going through radiotherapy too !

Alisha E has a couple of mastectomy bras available at incredible prices. Very good and personal service too

Online Bra Shops with a good selection of non-underwired bras that may, or may not, be suitable for you :

La Redoute
Bon Prix
Bon Prix - matching sets

For larger cup sizes :