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Hospital List

A regular question is what you need to take into hospital. This is a distillation of many posts.

Front opening pyjamas. Front opening nighties not as good as the drain tubes will have to go further.
wet wipes for when you can't get out of bed
antiseptic wipes to keep mrsa & other bugs at bay
flat bottomed bag for carrying drains. Long handled ones that can go over shoulders are even better
Safety pins useful if you get the the smaller drains that can be pinned to your top.
Light reading - you will keep getting interrupted
CD/mp3/DVD - stories and plays are good to keep the mind occupied with little effort. You may not be allowed to plug into the mains so batteries can be best.
eyemask - if you prefer sleeping in the dark
earplugs - if you want to block out the noise - the headset of your media player can work even better if you have one.
knitting etc if you like to keep your hands busy
sudoko, puzzles, notebook etc - pencil with rubber on end
things to eat - fruit, cereal bars, sweets anything you like.
drinks - if you want something other than water.
Sports sipper bottle or bendy straws useful as drinking without spilling can be tricky at first
money to feed the expensive tv/phone machine at the side of your bed
photos of loved ones if you need them
glasses if you need them - maybe put your name on the case in case they stray

Only take the minimum of your own medicine in, if your hospital doesn't let you keep them by you, so that you don't need to pay for another prescription if they lose them.

Remember that you must remove your nail varnish [toes as well] before your operation - they need to see the colour of the tips of your fingers and don't even allow clear. This also means no false nails.

Visitors can be trained to bring in the things you crave most or have forgotten

mobile phones - keep them switched off but provide instant communication should you need it

Specific for a Diep op:
1) Loose drawstring jogging bottoms or similar for leaving hospital as tummy will be swollen and sore despite loss of fat!!

2) Make sure the front opening nightshirts are generous in size due to the size off padding you have over the top to keep booby might be easier to wear the hospital gown the wrong way opening at the front...much more room than a night shirt...and easier access for regular flap checks!!

3) larger camisole tops from primark to wear once out of gown...they stop the padding from falling onto floor!!