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Scar Management

Breast surgery can leave long and extensive scars which be very unsightly so we are always interested in ways of making them look better.

Raised scars can also be very uncomfortable as they rub on clothing so reducing them makes life easier.

Effective scar management can contribute significantly to several aspects of recovery after breast surgery:

A well-healed scar is less likely to pucker and pull longterm,
reducing the potential for pain on the surgery site.

Looking after scars on a daily basis with massage cream/oils and application of silicone treatments helps in getting to know the surgery area well enough to pick up any possible new symptoms.

A good scar result may help how you feel about your body after surgery. After implant reconstruction, daily massage of the scar tissue can help prevent contracture.

Dermatix by S

Mepiform and Dermatix by c

Preventing and treating hypertrophic scars with Mepiform, Dermatix, Cica Care silicone dressings and steroid injections by Being Sarah