Supporting women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer

Surgery Diaries

Some of our members who have kept diaries of their experience of breast surgery, or have since written about them, have been kind enough to allow us to show them to you.


Mollybobs Diep Reconstruction tissue from stomach

Morgaines SGAP Reconstruction top of buttock

ay's IGAP Reconstruction under buttock

S's LD Reconstruction uses back muscle

fz's LD with implants Reconstruction

rr's Delayed LD Reconstruction

je's Revision of LD Flap

c's Risk-Reducing Bilateral : Permanent Expander Implants in 2 operations

c's Risk-Reducing Oophorectomy : Removal of ovaries

Y's Wide Local Excision

Y's Sentinel Node Biopsy

bl's Day-case guide wire excision with sentinel node biopsy

bl's Skin Sparing Mastectomy with part silicone part expander implant reconstruction and Mastopexy (lift/symmetrisation) to other side

bl's expansion

bl's Implant Exchange and Nipple Reconstruction

bl's Areola Restoration (Nipple Tattoo)

c's Nipple Reconstruction

c's Areola Tattoo