Supporting women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer


We all know that there is no 'upside' to having bc but there are organisations who provide treats and services for those of us who have it.

For women with Breast Cancer

Look Good Feel Better

At many local hospitals around the country

Look Good Feel Better is something I found that restored a little of my lost confidence.

A half day session, with a goodie bag to take home of some wonderful makeup products, where you are shown how to apply makeup and a few tips to help with loss of eye brows etc. I don't wear much in way of makeup but found the whole experience amazing.

Breast Cancer Havens

In London, Hereford and Leeds

Casting for Recovery UK

Casting for Recovery UK was launched by the England Ladies Fly Fishing Association in partnership with the Countryside Alliance. They have offered weekend retreats for small groups of women with breast cancer - throughout the UK and Ireland – since 2007 and combine fly fishing tuition with a range of other support.

On my retreat, we checked into a lovely hotel in Warwickshire on the Friday afternoon– superb food, large individual rooms and a swimming pool - where 12-14 participants had dinner with almost as many members of the CFR team. CFR had provided everything we could possibly need - from jackets and trousers to tissues and bottles of handwash, complimentary fruit dishes and goodie bags to take away. Saturday was spent at the lake learning the basics of casting and on Sunday, with our own personal expert guides, we did some real fishing before returning to the hotel for a slap up Sunday lunch. In between the fishing trips, there were optional sessions on issues to do with breast cancer led by medical professionals.

It was a very full programme and almost everyone left with some trout. There was plenty of time to mix with and chat to the other participants who were all at different stages of bc treatment or recovery – and to have a bit of fun along the way.

Not just for Breast Cancer


You won't know what it's like till you get there......


Sailing to freedom from cancer .........

Maggie's Centres

The Maggie's Centres are wonderful and it's such great news that they are expanding across the UK. I wish we could have one at every hospital for everyone. The buildings are designed by world class architects and provide inspirational spaces.

The heart of a Maggie's Centre is the kitchen, where you can go any time for a cup of tea, to chat with others, or just sit quietly.

There are quiet areas where you can go to think, to wait in between treatment or read up from the extensive library. There are activities and courses - learning relaxation, creative writing, tai chi, expressive art. You can join groups or you can have one-to-one counselling.

Our local centre has prosthesis fitting services and hosts look good, feel good days. Although the centres are for anyone who is affected by any cancer you will inevitably meet lots of women who have had bc.

You don't have to be receiving care at the local hospital - you could pop into a Maggie's Centre when you were visiting an area and still always feel welcome.

The Willow Foundation

For the 16-40s

I had a treat with them after my first diagnosis a few years ago. I had a weekend at the posh St Davids hotel and spa in Cardiff and took my husband and two friends who'd been really supportive. We had a night stay there, hubby and I had a few treatments then we had a top notch meal in the evening (I had lobster!). It was a wonderful weekend and a great way to thank my friends for their help too.

Just wanted to praise the wonderful Willow Foundation

I contacted them around November last year to request a special day, they sent me the forms that included one for my oncologist to fill in, part of me was hoping he would not put it in writing as that meant he agreed I'm terminal. Anyway I sent the completed form inc my oncologists part off to willow.

I had requested my special day to be a stay over on Tresco, one of the isles of scilly. We had stayed there back in 2006 as part of our honeymoon,and Iso wanted to go back..

They called me in February and told me I'd been accepted for my special day it would be valid for 12 months, I was waiting to hear about my sternum operation so couldnt give them any dates, she was lovely told me not to worry and to call her when i knew what was happening.

I called and we arranged the trip at the same time we were down Cornwall, we were to fly over to Tresco on the helicopter stay at the New Inn [ same place we stayed for our honeymoon ] for one night, they also gave me £75 spending money to get a meal and drinks at the New inn, the New Inn also hired me a golf buggy to get around the island on

We really enjoyed our special day on Tresco, the weather was kind to us too as we flew across the sea we could see the sun coming out on the islands its so relaxing over there, no cars to worry about just a different world

I decided not to take the offer of the buggy as after my fluid on my lung, the hospital had told me to exercise as it helps to get rid of any more fluid build up, I enjoyed my gentle stroll around the island, we sat together on the beach and paddled in the clear blue sea, I was so so happy we shared a nice bottle of wine over our meal that night then went for a walk to watch the sun set.

It really was paradise for 2 days as our flight out was early Monday morning, and flight back late Tuesday.

I will never forget my special day, it made me forget what was going on back in real life x

So thank you Willow you deserve a huge hug from me xxxx

The Honeyrose Foundation

The Honeyrose Foundation do the same sort of thing and will give you up to £500 for a special day out. We used our money for a special photograph of all the family and it was such an enjoyable afternoon and we have a beautiful montage of photos to look at.