Supporting women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer

Long term pain caused by breast surgery
aka Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome [PMPS]


Most of us are fortunate and only suffer pain or discomfort immediately after surgery but for others the pain continues on a daily basis.

Constant pain not only makes life miserable but, when experienced after breast cancer surgery, is itself a source of worries about whether or not the cancer has returned.

It is very hard to make medical professionals appreciate how bad this pain can be and only too often women are fobbed off with banal explanations or told that it's all in the mind.

If dealt with quickly a big difference can be made to quality of life, if left for even a year then those experiencing it are likely to have it for the rest of their lives.

We hope that this set of pages can act as a nucleus for finally getting recognition and help for those who suffer from PMPS.

We have had threads discussing the types of pain and what can help, from which quotes have been taken. Some members have also been kind enough to do longer write-ups of their fights for relief.

Finally we have links to sites which have helpful information on PMPS, mainly from countries that give it more recognition than the UK.