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BCPals forums meet a need rarely found on other Breast Cancer support sites. They are private support forums where women with breast cancer, or at genetic risk, can share their knowledge and experience of how they cope with the disease through diagnosis, treatment and living with breast cancer. They are UK based but the only requirement is that you speak English.

They are run by women with breast cancer for women with, or at high risk of, breast cancer.

We are a voluntary group trying to help others who are in similar situations to ourselves. The site is self regulating and has no direct health professional guidance. We are not a registered charity and do not receive financial assistance from any outside source.

Us - as seen by two of our members :

 For You

You are a stranger
I never saw your face
You are my friend
I share your pain
In this new and scary place.

You are a stranger
I only know your name
You hold my hand
Share my waiting
Tell me we are just the same.

You are a stranger
I haven't heard your voice
You know my worries
Speak my language
When to cry and when rejoice.

You're not a stranger
Neighbour,sister friend
You're a woman
We're together
Right up to this journey's end.

© horace 2007

I need someone to share my thoughts with
         - and you listen.
I need someone to talk to
         - and you answer
I need someone to understand my worries about bc
         - and you share your stories.
I need somewhere to laugh or cry or rant or moan
         - and you support me.
Thank you

© cavabien 2008

and about the experience of having breast cancer:

Facing Facts

Some say that it's a journey
With a range of destinations.
And some call it a battle-
Like a war between two nations.
I say it's cancer.

Some say that you can fight it,
That you will overcome.
Some even say they're better
Than what they've travelled from.
I say endurance.

Some see shades of fluffy pink
And ribbons tied in bows.
Some hear the catchy slogans
But I'm not one of those.
I know the fear.

Some still believe in 'the all-clear'
And 'put it all behind you'.
But I have learned the bitter truth
So let my verse remind you.
Be watchful
Live in hope
Face facts.

horace xx

© horace 2010

If you are looking for medical information then please use our page of breastcancer links.


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