Posted December 8th, 2008 by Jane

My CT scan last week showed that yes tumours in my chest wall and neck are bigger and that additionally I have cancer in lymph node in armpit on right side (everything has been on left side till this). My lungs are OK other than some inflammation at bottom of left lung which has been spotted before…I think its radiotherapy damage but no one else seems quite sure. Liver OK. So decision to take me off taxol right one. Here’s to vinorilbine..

Oncologist rang me once to tell me above on Saturday…then rang again 20 mins later having read the scan report again with the news that I had a possible blood clot in neck vein. Ordered off to hospital for heparin injections and then today ordered off to GP for warfarin…and to anti coagulant clinic on Wednesday. Don’t know yet why the clot, whether directly cancer related, or Hickman line related or…or…. Feel vulnerable…its one thing expecting to die slowly in some months…quite another to feel thrombosis might suddenly kill me….and my affairs are not yet in order.