5 years

Posted October 6th, 2008 by Jane

The days and dates this September and October match those in 2003. I have a bad memory but I can still remember the day and the date when: I found my huge lump, inducted the last lot of keen new trainee teachers, visited my lovely colleague dying then of breast cancer, went to an old school reunion, made the GP appointment, saw the consultant, had the ultrasound, biopsy, heard the words, saw the oncologist and on and on.

And so someone somewhere this month if they remember cause I’ve moved and I’m in the private health system and how do they remember..will tick some little box which will put me into those magic 80% good news, pink October, breast cancer can be cured 5 year survival statistics. And how many people realise that being here at 5 years doesn’t mean you’ll be here at five and a half, let alone six or ten.