Tia, Zoe and PBPs.

Posted October 16th, 2008 by Jane

Tia arrived big and hairy and for a week I gained lots of PBPs (Pink Bravery Points) by doing the commando bit, minus hoop ear rings and blusher. Loved it…though actually not quite commando…still fine downy outline defining the shape of my head…but that’s going now. Funny how it was OK with people I know and OK with strangers but still found the neighbours and the corner shop daunting. And I have felt like such a real cancer patient. Bald head, croaky whisper ..points galore in Sainsburys…though I do like the way people smile at me so nicely.

So today I took a trip to Trendco in Brighton and swapped Tia for Zoe…and a 100 cheaper…and had Zoe cut by a lovely utterly unpatronising young woman and Zoe looks good. So now I can do bald and I can do hair and it really isn’t that big.