Funny what cheers me up

Posted November 25th, 2008 by Jane

Last night my oncologst confirmed what I knew already: that clinically my tumours are definitely larger. So that means straight off the taxol chemotherapy and on to the next one…a drug called vinorilbine…which reduced tumours when I had it April-August last year. Meanwhile I’ll have another CT scan to measure the tumours and check for further spread. Somehow getting confirmation of ‘bad news’ at least settles the uncertainty of waiting. I also pushed onc on talking about the details of how the tumours can actually kill me. ‘Are we talking check out here’? she asked…and somehow it was hilarious and in the end rather refreshing..despite the euphemism (onc not good on big D. talk…but who is) I told her about my fantasy fears that my arm would have to be amputated…and she said that wouldn’t happen…though my arm might become ‘useless’. And nice to hear that even after vinorilbine (which is my last drug outside experimental trials and desperation) I could live for ‘many many months.’