Pink October is upon us again

Posted August 14th, 2009 by Jane

That annual bash is upon us: October and pink cancer month. This morning I was reminded of this dreadful annual razamataz by a little calendar shaped booklet delivered courtesy of Breast Cancer Care. (BCC) There are 5 Fridays in October this year so what an opportunity to name Friday as Pink Friday, opportunities for lots of fun and games. BCC has tried hard with the photographic images: men as well as women; black people as well as white. Sadly not offering much variety on the older woman front…and its older women who are most likely to get breast cancer. Every face smiles, some smile so wide you can almost see their tonsils. Since when was breast cancer a smiling matter? Pink balloons are everywhere, along with pink iced cakes for special Pink Friday parties.

I can register now for my pink Friday fundraising pack…but I won’t be and I urge my readers not to do so either. Give your money direct to local charities or to those national charities such as Macmillan Support and Cancer Reserach UK, which don’t splurge overtime on the pink icons.

This little booklet is big time distasteful. The text is not bad but the photographs deserve the description coined in the US that ‘pink stinks.’