You just get used to it.

Posted July 8th, 2009 by Jane

My cocktail of drugs keeps changing. I’m now on 30 mg of morphine day and night, 8 mg of dextamthosone daily, 600 mg of gabapentine 3 times daily and 50 mgs of amytryptiline. My pills are lined up for swallowing nightly…with the wafarin and the senokot it is sometines 11 or 12 tablets. And the pain: well sadly it hasn’t greatly changed though the hospice nurses and the nice pallitive care consultant are just that…very nice, empathatic and reassuring. Its just that the pain’s still with me. I now venture out, knowing I can’t walk more than 20 or 30 yards without sitting down. …again and again. Sometimes its excruciating. I know every bench and wall in Winchester now as I struggle from shop to shop…well mainly from the tea shop to the next tea shop. I’m in pain by the time I’ve walked to the bottom of our 140 foot garden. It is such a do just get used to it. Used to taking half an hour or more to dress because its such a struggle to pull up my knickers, fasten my bra and pull on the biggest lymphoedema sleeve. Still M. the nice physio has provided me with a bright yellow plastic sleeve to help pull on the beige lympho sleeve. Thanks for that M. It works!