Posted July 19th, 2009 by Jane

I wrote about this chemotherapy drug in my piece on The Man at the Marsden.

I got the first dose of caelyx on Thursday and so far brilliant…virtually no side effects…particularly usually by Day 3 (and this is Day 4) I am stretched out in a weak, tired limp stupour. Caelyx is supposed to be a bit more sicky than some other chemotherapies but again nothing…joys of metroclopramide and odanestron…why can’t the cancer drugs be as good as the anti-emetics??

There’s a 20% chance of my hair going again…same chance as the drug shrinking the tunours though the two don’t go hand in hand. Hair loss does not equal drug success. I don’t want to lose my hair again..its somehow the last straw..when you know you’re going to die anyway sometimes hanging on to your hair is as imporatnt as hanging on to a few more weeks of life…is it only those who’ve been bald three times who get this?

I feel my golf ball sized tumours and fantasise they may be less now than golf balls…but I can’t tell, I really can’t tell. In the meantime caelyx is a once every 4 week drug which is something to celebrate. I find its still hard to explain to cancerfreepeople that ‘chemo’ is not a one size fits all, but rather that chemotherapy drugs come in many different versions. As Alan Bennett says ‘chemo’ is too matey..try to stick to chemotherapy.