A reply to Dee

Posted March 3rd, 2009 by Jane

I have been dithering for ages Dee about whether to approve or delete your comment. Most people who leave comments on my site are either cyber freinds from cancerworld or real friends…both groups generally seem to agree with me…so its a surprise when someone disagrees!

So I’d just like to reply to the points you make and hope to change your mind. You say that passing on e-mails helps to make others ‘aware’ of cancer. I can’t see how such a trite e-mail as the one I mentioned helps do this in any way at all. I’m not religious but I guess that the seriously religious might also question the childish take on ‘God’ in this particular e-mail.

You say the e-mail is no different to other Pink awareness events and you are right there. Many people with breast cancer, not all, but many I know, really find the media hype around ‘pink’ events profoundly alientating and misleading. Breast cancer is made to seem as though its a trivial ‘girly’ thing rather than a serious disease.

You ask for a suggestion of what you could do better to support people with breast cancer. Well my best suggestion is that you might like to particpate in the Breakthrough Generations Study which is studying 100,000 women over a period of many years in an attempt to find real solid causes of breast cancer. You can find out about this study from breakthroughgeneration.org.uk

Finally…I prefer to talk about having cancer or living with cancer. Calling cancer the ‘big C’ only serves to make it seem more mysterious and frightening. There’s no need to talk about cancer in code.