A reply to KatherineM

Posted March 7th, 2009 by Jane

Dear Cathy

I don’t think until real end stage when organs are packing up and closing down that any oncologist can tell any us ‘how long’ we have. (though I’m sure privately they have their own guesses…often broadly right and sometimes wrong) I don’t like the competitiveness that it seems to me can arise between parients and oncologists…a kind of ‘beat the oncologist’ estimate. Surely what any of us, in receipt of DLA under special rules knows, is that things can change and each of us could be dead in 3 months, in six months? I don’t feel it’s fundamentally worse to hear this kind of estimate out of the mouth of an oncologist or in the GP special rules 1500 report, than it is out of my own head.

I don’t think the Marsden will come up with anything I’ll fancy…or think is ‘worth trying’…no one can magic a non existent treatment out of the ‘tool box’ and I may not be selfless enough to do a Phase 1 trial even if there is one..my point for me is that hope is not just about another treatment…in my case its as much about hoping that the cancer will continue to progress relatively slowly before it kills me.

But everyone is different.