Thank you

Posted May 28th, 2009 by Jane

My techie mentor tells me 50-75 people visit the site daily. I don’t know whether in the scheme of internet thingies this is a lot of people or not! Probably not.

Thanks for reading and thanks for making comments. I ‘approve ‘ nearly all comments and turn down a very few. Yesterday was one angry woman who has had a lovely time on an Odyssey holiday suggested I’m trying to control everything in my life and that I need to let go.

When I started the blog last September I intended to write more longer general ‘essays’ but it hasn’t quite worked like that. I’m trying with this site not only to write about my personal experience of living with terminal cancer but to question and challenge some of the myths and misconceptions about cancer in general and breast cancer in particular.

Writing the blog really helps me to live with cancer and knowing I have an audience is great particularly as I can no longer hold forth in dinner table conversation.

Thanks to you all..real friends, cancerworldfriends and strangers.