Well at least the sluffi is getting better.

Posted September 13th, 2009 by Jane

I thought I had learned a new medical term: sluffi. Daily as the nurses peer at my weeping sores I think they are seeing something new. And so it is when lovely A. proclaims that there’s less sluffi. Sluffi, I discover, is the layer of damp, white, sligtly oozy material, actually dead skin left behind as the disesae progresses. Less means its easier to dress my wound, easier to keep it infection free and smelling sweet. Yes sadly weeping skin mets left untreated or insufficently treated, smell ghastly.

But sluffi? What kind of word is that? I quiz A. again and realise I’ve got it wrong. Not sluffi at all, but SLOUGHY…much clearer, much more acceptable, much more medical.